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Retail and Commercial Leases

Retail and commercial leases are complex documents that address the rights of both the landlord and the tenant over a range of situations during the term of the lease. Retail leases are also subject to the Retail Lease Act 1994. We provide advice on leasing disputes and ensure all disclosures are made.

For landlords, we prepare leases to include:

  • Rent payable
  • Term of lease
  • Permitted use of premises
  • Security deposit
  • Maintenance and make good requirements
  • Termination provisions

For tenants, we can help:

  • Review and advice on the terms of a lease
  • Negotiate amendments and costs
  • Negotiate fixture and fit out terms
  • Assignments of lease
  • Surrender of lease
  • Variations of Lease and subleases

Alpine and Crown Leases

Our extensive experience and knowledge relate to all aspects of purchasing and selling leasehold interests of properties in the Victorian ski fields.

We attend to transfers and registrations of head-leases, lease renewals, purchase and sale, sub-leases, development opportunities, licensing arrangements and company structures, as well as stamp duty, post settlement registration and share transfers.

Licence Agreements

A licence agreement is used when the licensee occupies only part of the property or has temporary use of the property. Often, the licensee doesn’t want to wait to move into a property. As with a lease, the terms of a licence agreement must be put in writing and signed by all parties to the transaction.

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