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Our property lawyers in Melbourne provide experience advice to developers, buyers, landlords and property managers alike

Whether you’re buying or selling, your goal is simple: to maximise your return and minimise your expenses.

Property and real estate is expensive, after all – a poorly-thought out decision could leave you thousands of dollars worse off.

Our property law experts:

  • Offer pragmatic advice that you can act on
  • Are up-to-date with property law
  • Work hard to get you the best outcome
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The only thing standing between you and your dream home or new business? The mountain of paperwork you’ll have to fill out first!

Property law and contracts are different from other areas of law. It requires an in-depth understanding of ever-changing property laws, as well as your unique circumstances.

As specialists in property law, our lawyers in Melbourne are uniquely placed to advise you whether you’re buying, selling or leasing a property. We’ll have you moving into your new property before you even know it.

Retail and Commercial Leases

Retail and Commercial Leases are complex – and incredibly important – documents.

Don’t mess them up – ensure your lease is 100% watertight before you sign the dotted line.

Lease documents address the rights of both the landlord and the tenant regarding a range of different situations during the term of the lease, and are tightly regulated by the Retail Lease Act 1994.

Protect your money and ensure that you aren’t left out of pocket. A property law expert will avoid leasing disputes and ensure all disclosures are made.

Batten Sacks Property Rental Commercial

For landlords, we prepare leases to include:

  • Rent payable
  • Term of lease
  • Permitted use of premises
  • Security deposit
  • Maintenance and make good requirements
  • Termination provisions

For tenants, we can help:

  • Review and advice on the terms of a lease
  • Negotiate amendments and costs
  • Negotiate fixture and fit out terms
  • Assignments of lease
  • Surrender of lease
  • Variations of Lease and subleases

Property law specialists

Build a solid foundation for your dreams.

Some aspire to achieve the Great Australian Dream of owning a quarter-acre block in the suburbs, complete with a massive garden and Hills Hoist. Others dream of being their own boss and starting up their own business.

Either way, it all starts with your property.

With the right legal advice and preparations, you could be unpacking your furniture or setting up your business operations in no time at all.

Since 2003, Melburnians like you have chosen Batten Sacks for all their property law requirements:

And in the event that legal action becomes necessary, we will advise and represent you in court, working our utmost to ensure a favourable resolution to your dispute.

Unique property transfers


Crown leases

Crown leases come with a host of additional requirements in keeping with the Leasing policy for Victorian Crown land 2018

A property lawyer in Melbourne can provide a range of services specific to crown leases.

This can include transfers and registrations of head-leases, lease renewals, purchase and sale, sub-leases, development opportunities, licensing arrangements and company structures, as well as stamp duty, post settlement registration and share transfers.


Alpine leases

Victoria’s alpine regions are areas of crown land. Unlike other lots of crown land however, alpine resort land comes with additional environmental and management requirements.

If you want to start up a business in Victoria’s alpine regions, our property lawyers can help.

Our extensive experience and knowledge relate to all aspects of purchasing and selling leasehold interests of properties in the Victorian ski fields.


Licensing agreements

A licence agreement is used when the licensee occupies only part of the property or has temporary use of the property. Often, the licensee doesn’t want to wait to move into a property.

As with a lease, the terms of a licence agreement must be put in writing, reviewed by a property lawyer and signed by all parties to the transaction.

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