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If only it were as simple as signing on the dotted line and moving right in (or out).

Unfortunately, the process of buying, selling, and transferring property and real estate isn’t that easy. In most instances, there can be months between the offer and getting the keys.

Good legal advice and conveyancing assistance can make the process simpler. Move in sooner and avoid the headache that comes with going through the entire transfer process on your own by engaging one of our property lawyers in Melbourne.

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House title transfers are one of the most complex parts of buying or selling your home. It’s long, arduous and full of paperwork, deadlines and documents that you’ll have to fill in.

Your focus should be on planning out how you’re going to arrange the living room, where you’re going to hang your picture frames, or what colour you’re going to repaint the walls – not on mountains of paperwork.

Sure, you could do it yourself… but why should you? Who’s got enough time for all of that?

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Our property lawyers help you through
the property transfer process

Step 1:

Resolve outstanding legal issues

In many cases, a property transfer is the consequence of another event, outcome or decision – for example, property may be bequeathed in a will or as part of a divorce settlement

Oftentimes, these precipitating events and decisions have their own legal process which must be resolved before the property can be transferred. Our property lawyers in Melbourne also practice these specialised areas of commercial law.

Step 2:

Check the mortgage

Many properties still have a home loan attached to it at the time of purchase or transfer – you will need details of this on hand before continuing the transfer of ownership.

If the answer is yes, a property law specialist can help you by explaining the terms of the existing lease and talking with the bank on your behalf, adjusting it as needed.

Step 3:

Complete the land transfer document

This step will involve preparing the transaction on the PEXA workspace.

PEXA is the official Australian electronic conveyancing platform used to transfer property. Only registered lawyers and conveyancers can access PEXA, hence the benefit in using a lawyer to handle these matters.

Errors and mistakes can cost you significantly. It is highly advised that you engage the services of a property lawyer in Melbourne to ensure that the transfer application and paperwork are completed properly.

Step 4:

Submit the transfer form and pay the fee

Once the application is complete, you will have to pay the relevant fee. All documentation from both parties can be managed electronically via PEXA

In the event that your land transfer document is rejected, we suggest taking it to a property law specialist to identify any mistakes that may have kept your application from being accepted (or better yet, engage our services beforehand!)

Advice for all sorts of title transfers in Melbourne


House title transfer

Owning a house in the suburbs with a quarter-acre block, or a chic inner-city apartment – your Great Australian Dream is unique and meaningful.

The only thing left between you and your dream home? The house title transfer process. With the right legal assistance and preparation, this process can be reduced to a minimum.


Business title transfer

You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up – now it’s time for it to thrive under the next generation.

Find the right property lawyer in Melbourne to handle the transfer process, and you’re in business whether you’re transferring partial ownership or buying an existing business outright.

Crown land transfers

As if the title transfer process wasn’t complicated enough already, government land sales come with a host of additional requirements for potential buyers in accordance with Victorian legislation.

This requires specialist knowledge to ensure that nothing’s overlooked during the title transfer process. If you weren’t using a property lawyer’s services before, you should be when it’s a government land sale!

Protect your wealth

Buying residential or commercial property is a major investment. We’re here to make the process easier, and ensure your wealth is protected.

Did you know that there are different ways to own a property?

  • Sole ownership
  • Joint ownership or tenancy
  • Family trust
  • Tenants in common
  • Company ownership

Each of these arrangements can influence your capital gain, income tax obligations and gearing benefits when you buy or sell property.

In addition to assisting with the transfer process, our property law experts can help buyers like you determine a suitable ownership structure… one which leaves you in the best position to start your new life.

Not all property transfers are the result of a purchase or sale – some choose to transfer property and change their ownership arrangements to account for changes in circumstances and income, or to increase their tax savings.

Is this the right move for you? There’s one way to find out.

Our property lawyers in Melbourne can advise you on the most suitable type of ownership, as well as provide advice on the financial and legal implications in conjunction with your accountant.

If you do decide on changing your ownership structure, we will assist you with the transfer process.

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