We use care and sensitivity to help you achieve a positive outcome through negotiation or litigation if necessary.

Divorce and Relationship Breakdown (Marriage and De Facto)

We understand that when relationships break down it is a stressful time. We advise our clients on legal issues, parental responsibility and commercial considerations to bring about a resolution of family law disputes.

Under the Family Law Act 1974, individuals in De Facto relationships have the same legal rights and responsibilities as those who are married.

We can help:

  • Apply for a divorce

Property settlements

Property settlements usually begin with identifying assets and liabilities which form part of the ‘asset pool’ and then valuing those assets and liabilities. We work closely with expert accountants and if necessary forensic accounts to provide valuations of businesses and other assets.

Other considerations to take into account with regard to property settlements include financial and non-financial contributions by the parties, care of children and the income earning capacity of the parties.

We can help with:

  • Advise on Minutes of Consent Orders where appropriate with regard to property settlement

Intervention Orders

A Family Violence Intervention Order can be obtained in appropriate circumstances to restrain a domestic partner or family member from certain actions such as contacting or communicating with another family member, committing family violence and intentionally causing damage to property.

We can help:

  • Obtain or resist Intervention Orders in terms of the Magistrates’ Court Family Violence Protection Act 2008.

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