Convenyacing of Residential or Commercial Property

Our clients inform us they feel safe with us managing their conveyancing when they buy or sell property. Our legal services include assisting you to obtain finance and government grants, obtaining foreign investments, obtaining Review Board approval, communicating with estate agents and mortgagees, managing problems that arise such as dealing with caveats, easements and covenants registered over properties – in fact all issues that have the potential to affect your purchase or sale.

Property Development & Planning Permits

From small subdivisions to major commercial or residential property developments we can assist you through the entire process including preparing the contracts of sale and vendor’s statements to enable you to properly market the project and sell the units.

We also advise clients in regard to planning matters (permits and objections) which are heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).


We advise clients regarding the circumstances in which caveats can be registered, when it is possible to object to a caveat being registered and what steps can be taken to have a caveat, which has been registered without there being a basis for this, removed and if necessary by way of a Court Order.