Family Law

Family Law (Property Settlement and Divorce)

Batten Sacks understands that ending relationships or beginning new ones can be extremely stressful for those involved.

We use care and sensitivity in negotiating, resolving or litigating disputes which may arise in relation to the distribution of family property on the dissolution of a marriage or de facto relationship.

In dealing with matters of this nature we are able to advise our clients regarding both legal issues and commercial considerations in order to bring about a resolution of family law disputes. In identifying and valuing assets which form part of the “asset pool” we work closely with expert accountants who provide valuations of businesses and other assets and if necessary forensic accountants as may be required. Other issues requiring consideration in property settlement matters include contributions by the parties (both financial and non-financial), income earning capacity of the parties, care of children and other relevant factors. We are able to advise our clients to conclude either Binding Financial Agreement or Minutes of Consent Orders as may be appropriate.

We also advise our clients with regard to obtaining and resisting Intervention Orders in terms of the Magistrates’ Court Family Violence Protection Act 2008.