With the world becoming smaller on account of our rapid technological advances and international trade, education, employment and cooperation opportunities increasing, more of us need now to avail ourselves of “notarial” services.

A Notary Public is comparable, on one level, to an “International” JP in being able to witness documents for people where, in turn, they need these documents accepted overseas. A Notary is also able to certify copy documents (degrees, academic records, ASIC documents, company financial statements, identity and status documents etc. ) as being true copies of the originals thus avoiding original documents having to be sent overseas and either lost or misused etc. Notarial services are also used in Maritime Law (ship protests etc.) and in International banking and finance, including judgement debt recovery in other countries.

Harvey Bruce of our firm is one of only approximately 90 Notaries practising in Victoria and can be contacted for advice as to what Notarial services are needed or to witness or certify documents and can usually see you on the same day you wish. Harvey enjoys being a Notary as he is able to meet and assist people of all backgrounds and needs which he would not have the opportunity of in his legal practice capacity alone, and often finds that Notarial clients need legal services and vice versa. If you have any queries at all in this area please do not hesitate to contact him.