“Caveat Emptor”

“Let The Buyer Beware”

Why You Should Always Get Legal Advice Before Signing A Contract to buy Property


The legal phrase “Caveat Emptor” means “Let The Buyer Beware”. In other words, the onus is on you, the Purchaser, to understand what you are signing. Once your signature is on a Contract you are deemed to have understood the contract and you will be held to its contents.

In order to become a successful Australian Property Investor or owner you need to understand some important features of the Contract of Sale.  We believe that every purchaser or property investor needs to understand the basic contents of the contract they are signing. However, there is no substitute for using an experienced Property Solicitor to act on your behalf. After all, bear in mind your primary goal is to increase your wealth through your property purchase(s), it makes sense to protect yourself and your investment by getting professional advice.

Batten Sacks should be an integral part of your Property Investment Team. We will ensure that you have expert assistance with all aspects of your property transactions including a thorough review of your Contract of Sale prior to signing. We will also conduct the Title Search, arrange Verification of Identity, preparation of all relevant documents, liaise with your financier and finalise a successful settlement.

There is a lot at stake in every property transaction and we have seen too many optimistic buyers assume that nothing could go wrong with the transaction before finding themselves in serious difficulties over their property purchase. Your property investment could be jeopardised by failing to do your due diligence which includes involving Batten Sacks in the transaction.

Provided you use our property and conveyancing services for the settlement of your property, we will review the Contract of Sale and Section 32 at no charge prior to you signing or bidding at an auction.

We look forward to assisting you with your property purchase. For assistance please contact Colin Adno on cadno@battensacks.com.au